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Pretzel Bun Pork Schnitzel-wich is What’s for Dinner Tuesday, May 9 at Newport Avenue Market

Pretzel Bun Pork Schnitzel-wich

Our new in-store service gives you delicious, fun, stress-free Tuesday nights!


If the question “What’s for dinner?” has ever had you stumped, consider it history—especially on Tuesdays when we have the answer, and we do just about all the work for you!

Every Tuesday during the month of May, our food experts select a great recipe featuring delicious ingredients and we pack it all up to have it at the ready for you to swoop in, pick up, and easily prepare at home. And, we’re talkin’ generous portions, people! Meals are priced at $25 and are designed for two. Most meals include a main dish and two to three side dishes.

You might say Tuesdays just became your easiest day of the week when it comes to getting a delicious dinner on the table.

Pre-order to guarantee your meal!

Call 541-382-3940 or visit the Service Deli in the store.

Limited quantities available.

Think about it: you don’t have to think about it!

We whisk away any stress around dinner. We do all the menu planning, shopping, measuring—almost all the preparations. With menus that showcase local meat, top-quality seafood and superb produce, we know exactly what will make Tuesday night dinner great, and give you more time for a fun, relaxed evening.

Newport Avenue Market’s employee-owners are at your service.

We carefully choose fabulous menus that are fast and easy to make, family-friendly and reasonably priced. We even select many of our super popular house-made or house-prepared items that will surely make you a hero at Tuesday night’s dinner table.

Our What’s for Dinner Tuesday meals are designed for two, so depending on how many you’re feeding (or if you love leftovers) just pick up the number you need. For example, a table of four will need two bags. You’ll typically need salt, pepper and olive oil on hand, as most of the time all other meal ingredients are included.

There’s no contract and no commitment, but we do have a limited supply.

Newport pairings.

Our professional beer and wine connoisseurs are on hand to help pair your meal with tasty libations. After all, we have a huge selection of 500+ beers and enough vino to fill Mirror Pond! Plus, our bakery staff will suggest the perfect ending to your dinner, and we’ll even suggest easy table decor to kick up your meal a notch or two.

Making food fun since 1991.

At the end of the day, we’re here to make food fun! In fact, at Newport Avenue Market, we’re thinking Easy + Tuesday = Ease-day, and we think you will too.

It’s just another reason why we have been the No. 1 choice of foodies in Central Oregon. Our community has voted us “Best Grocery Store” in Central Oregon 18 (count ’em—yes, 18 times) in The Source Weekly’s annual poll.

Pick up and go!

No planning. No shopping. Just pick up dinner at Newport Avenue Market every Tuesday, in the Deli, during the month of May and go! Meals will be ready for pick up when the store opens. Limited quantities available.

Tuesday, May 9 Menu

Pretzel Bun Pork Schnitzel-wich with Roasted Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes and Creamy Tangy Coleslaw

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Add a dash of style that’s also practical—Simply Baked’s wood party picks topped with frilly colors not only help hold sandwiches together, they are just the thing to attract kids, too.

Usher in the spirit of a Bavarian beer hall with this simple table decor idea. Pick up a few stems of our colorful alstroemeria blossoms, place them in a Mason jar and wunderbar! Your Tuesday night is now a festspiele (in other words, a party)! Raise your glass with the classic German toast: Prost!

Consider your Tuesday night culinary journey complete!
Please let us know what you think about Newport Avenue Market’s What’s for Dinner Tuesday. Tell us what you love about it and your ideas on how to make this new program even better! Email info@newportavemarket.com

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Monthly Menu

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