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We love our Mother Earth!

person planting with regrow compost from newport ave market
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Earth Day Happenings at Newport Avenue Market

We are so ready to celebrate all things Spring! And, we are especially excited for one of our favorite days of the year—Earth Day, Saturday, April 22.

Join us for some fab events while doing some good for your pocket book and doing good for our dear old Mother Earth.

We’re talking inexpensive bags of nutrient-rich compost, a steal-of-a-deal on refillable olive oil and delicious bites of Oregon Country Beef. And, don’t forget our weekly Saturday FREE wine tastings. Mmmm.

April 22 Events:

ReGrow* Compost Available 9-11am

  • BYOB—buckets that is!
  • Bring up to two buckets and we’ll fill them with ReGrow Compost for FREE!
  • Buy plants from Newport, and we’ll supply the dirt. We’ll even plant them in a container you supply. How’s that for easy-peasy gardening?
  • Buy ReGrow Compost for $6 per bag.

*ReGrow is made from locally recycled yard trimmings, recycled food and vegetable trimmings. It’s excellent for your lawn, garden and potted plants.


Olive Oil Refills All Day

  • BYOB—bottles that is!
  • Save $3 bucks a pound when you refill your own bottle (max 2lbs.).
  • Oh olive oil—the ingredient to most things delicious.


Oregon Country Beef* Tasting 2-5:30pm

  • Celebrate the launch of Oregon Country Beef: Pacific Northwest Non-GMO Project Verified Beef.
  • FREE tastings at the store!

*Oregon Country Beef is raised on family ranches belonging to their Pacific Northwest centered cooperative. Their focus on environmental stewardship and animal welfare standards make it something we’re proud to offer to our community here in Bend. Learn more: http://www.oregoncountrybeef.com

Weekly Saturday Wine Tasting 3:30-5:30

  • BYO..oh never mind! Just bring yourself, and we’ll take your palate on a trip with our FREE Saturday Wine Tastings.


See you at Newport Avenue Market on Earth Day, peeps!

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