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Handcrafted Sausages; Simply Crafted, Simply Better.

super bowlWell, well, here it is.  The two states that legalized Mary Jane are getting together for a “Super Bowl”  And we’ve got a brand new sausage to majorly manage your munchies.  It’s called Cascade Mountain Hogwash, a ridiculously flavorful smoky pork sausage packed with bacon, smoked gouda, bacon, garlic, bacon, spices and more bacon.  Slap it on a bun, slice it as an appetizer, or stuff ’em in some mushrooms.  Either way, this dog’ll have your taste buds dancing in the end zone. Put that in your pipe and smoke it… 😉


Newport Ave. Market’s Handcrafted Sausages; Simply Crafted, Simply Better.

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