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Kiku Apples are the Sweetest Thing

Fresh. Firm. Tasty. Sweet.

Apple ChartOn the tart-to-sweet-o-meter Kiku Apples are the sweetest of them all! They’re also crisp and juicy with a firm flesh (similar to it’s Fuji Apple parent), and ruby red with light colored stripes. These beauties can grow up to five inches in diameter… wow! Primarily grown in Italy; they’ve been popping up in the United States in the past four years, primarily growing in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington State. Kiku Apples make for a great snack and an even better accompaniment to a grilled cheese sandwich!

How-to make a Kiku Grilled Cheese…

  • Grab your favorite bread – I used whole-wheat sourdough.
  • Slice your favorite cheese – I’d recommend a cheddar or gouda.
  • Thinly slice a Kiku Apple – Any excuse to use a mandolin!
  • Secret ingredient: Justy’s Jelly Very Berry Jalapeno – The subtle heat ties the gooiness of the cheese and crispness of the apples together for perfection!
  • Bring your frying pan to temp at a medium heat.
  • Layer your ingredients together – Snack on the extra apple slices 🙂
  • Slather a little butter on your bread and grill each side for about a minute and a half to two minutes – varies on your stove and how well done you like your sandwiches.
  • Slice and enjoy!Grilled Kiku and Cheese Sando
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